King Solomon Name Tallit – Black

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Main Feature Design:

  •  J-e-s-u-s Letters Spelled on 4 Corners
  • Bless on the Aatra(top part):
    “The Lord Bless you with Boldness to enter the Holy of Holies by the Blood of Yeshua HaMashiach”
  •  4 different scriptures Spelled on 4 Corners: Phil 2:9, Ephes 1:3, Romans 8:38, John 14:6

Size: Length 72″ Height 22″

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  • UNLEASH DIVINE WISDOM – Experience powerful prayers with our King Solomon-inspired Tallit, featuring the 4 Hebrew letters of his name on the corners. Feel the spiritual connection to Israel and enhance your Christian faith.
  • SYMBOLS OF HOLINESS – Adorned with the sacred “Ark of the Covenant” from King Solomon’s temple, this Tallit embodies the profound spiritual significance of Israel. Pray with a tangible representation of God’s presence and grace.
  • VIBRANT COLORS, DEEP MEANING – Choose from 4 stunning colors and transcend traditional boundaries. Our fully colored Tallit offers a modern twist while remaining faithful to Jewish traditions. Stand out in your devotion and love for Israel.
  • TASSLES OF FAITH – Embrace the timeless tradition of the Jewish Bible with the blue tassles on each corner, in accordance with Numbers 15:38. Our Tallit allows you to honor Jewish heritage, symbolize your love for Israel, and deepen your Christian faith
  • SUPERIOR CRAFTSMANSHIP – Made from premium materials, our Tallit ensures both comfort and durability. Suitable for both men and women, it is meticulously designed to inspire meaningful prayers and align your heart with God’s purpose.


HALLELUYAH is a company based in Israel. We bring you authentic Israeli artifacts and garments created today the same way they have been created for thousands of years. The ancient land of Israel is a treasure trove of historical crafts and objects that are capable of taking you back to a time of history and great mystery.
We believe that this prayer shawl will give you the ability to enjoy meaningful prayer at a new level.


Click The “Add to Cart” And Get This Powerful Prayer Shawl Tallit Today!