Everything You Need To Know About The Prefilled Communion Cups With Bread & Wine

Bread & Wine

The Holy Communion is an essential custom in the Jewish religion. We celebrate it:

  • To mourn Christ’s death: “Do this in memory of me.”
  • All the advantages of the new covenant are to be symbolized, sealed, and applied to believers. Christ ratifies his promises to his people in this ordinance, and they, for their part, solemnly consecrate themselves to him and his whole service.
  • To be a symbol of the Christian faith.
  • To denote and foster believers’ communion with Christ.
  • To reflect believers’ common fellowship with one another.

However, communing with fellow believers may not always go as planned since some people suffer from allergies and some have food preferences. That’s why we’ve come up with the prefilled communion cups with bread and wine. Read on to find out about this ingenious invention.

History of the Prefilled communion cups with bread and wine?

The brand arose from a desire to provide churches and their congregations with a greater communion experience. Churches and ministry leaders were simply dissatisfied with the currently available prefilled communion cup choices. 

This sparked the idea, why not provide the holy communion meal in a well packaged and easy to partake size? Concordia Supply’s staff has spent months seeking suitable suppliers and high-quality products to have a commodity that churches enjoy.

Now everyone in church can enjoy the holy communion using the easy-to-open communion cups.


When do you use the prefilled communion cups with bread and wine?


The prefilled communion cups are used during Passover, also known as the last supper. When Jesus initiated Communion, he was simply commemorating Passover, one of the most popular Jewish holidays. Its origins can be traced back to the Old Testament, especially the book of Exodus, which tells the story of God delivering the Israelites (Jewish ancestors) from slavery in Egypt.

God used Moses to confront the Egyptian Pharaoh to convince him to free the Israelite captives. Part of the confrontation featured ten plagues on the Egyptians, the last of which was the death of their firstborn children. Moses, acting on God’s command, commanded the Israelites to slaughter a spotless lamb and apply the blood of the lamb to the top and sides of their houses’ doors. The plague would not affect them if they did this.

The Israelites were also given detailed orders for preparing and eating their lamb and bread meal that night (see Exodus 12). When they obeyed the Lord, he delivered them from bondage and took them to the Promised Land. That is how the tradition of the Passover came to be.


Significance of the Holy Communion

When Jesus celebrated the Passover, he used unleavened bread and wine. The breaking of the bread served as a metaphor for his body, a sacrifice to save humanity from sin. 

The wine which Jesus poured from the cup of redemption symbolized his blood which was poured to save humankind from their sins too. The meal would go on to be known as the Holy Communion or Last Supper. It serves as a day for fellowship where we are connected not only to Jesus who saved us but also to previous and current believers. 

We find warmth and support among members of God’s family, much as the apostles and the early church did. The Holy Communion is an excellent opportunity to reflect on what Jesus has offered us. 

With our leaven (sin) repented of and our attitude matching God’s attitude, we will enter into genuine communion with Him — a renewed relationship in which contact and love flow freely.


What are the prefilled communion cups with bread and wine made from?

The wine is made from the highest quality grape juice, prepackaged with no added sugar or GMO additives. It comes in an easy-to-open, silent, and no-spill. The simple opening mechanism makes it easier for children and younger people to open it without spilling.

The communion cups have a sturdy and unique design, a chalice shape. This shape is more comfortable to hold, easier to unseal, and sits well on communion trays and tables. Moreover, the bread is unleavened, with no added sugar or GMO.

The communion cup & wafer are carefully packaged and hermetically sealed, making them not only clean but sanitary. They are prepackaged with the utmost care and come with guaranteed delivery with no leaks, or we’ll give you a free package.


How long does the prepackaged communion cup and wafer last?

The prefilled communion cups have a shelf life of three months when unrefrigerated, six months refrigerated, and up to twelve months when frozen. We use very few preservatives to ensure optimum freshness and consistency.

The Communion cup provides the congregation with the most satisfactory communion experience possible. You’ll enjoy the high-quality, delicious concord grape juice, fresh bread, and top and bottom seals that are easy to open. You can choose from juice and wine, as well as regular or gluten-free bread.


How to order

You can get the prefilled communion cups in a variety of sizes:

  • 25 units
  • 100 units
  • 200 units
  • 500 units and finally
  • 1000 units.

The sacramental wine costs between $24 to $242.99. The grape juice is cheaper, retailing between $21 and  $384.99, while the gluten-free communion bread sells at $23.99  to $279.99.

You can make your order through our website. The product comes with a money-back guarantee and free shipping. What’s more, you earn points ranging from 24 to 243 points worth $0.72 to $7.29.

Our payment methods are secure and include:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • PayPal
  • American Express and
  • Discover.

In case of any concern contact us through:

  •  +1 (213) 640-4238, available from  Monday to  Friday, 8 AM – 9 PM EST 
  • Or email us at [email protected].

Our team is always happy to assist you.


Parting shot

Our communion cups offer the best communion experience for you and your congregation. Made with superior ingredients and packaged with care to ensure maximum freshness, they make fellowshipping with other congregants enjoyable. Chalices come with your choice of grape juice or natural sacramental wine, as well as regular unleavened bread or gluten-free bread.

They are easy to open and allow young people and even children to enjoy the holy communion without any spillages. The prefilled communion cups also come with a zero-leakage guarantee and can last up to twelve months when frozen.


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