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HalleluYAH is a Judaica store for people of all religions & beliefs, bringing you modern and unique products, ideal for practicing your religion, and doing so in style.
From handmade decorated shofars to glorious Menorahs, consider us your new Judaica Boutique. HalleluYAH was established in Israel in June 2007, with the passion to create truly unique products with a modern twist! HalleluYAH is committed to bringing you the best Israel has to offer. You’ll find our products modern and personal, perfect for gift gifting, and modernizing the old traditions.

13 Years Of Experience

Whether you're looking for a Kosher Shofar for Rosh Hashanah, tallit showels for your daily prayer, or a gorgeous sterling silver star of David necklace for your loved one, you can count on us to deliver high-quality Israeli made products. We are proud to sell handmade products crafted by Israeli Artists and support our artists, community, and economy. WE STAND FOR ISRAEL.

“Praise Him With the Sounding Of the Shofar."​

Psalm: Chapter 150 Verse 3.​


We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have​

Shipping from our facility in Israel can take up to 3 days of handling and 14 days for shipping. 

Shipping from our US facility can take 2-5 days- you will see “fast free shipping” on the products that ship from the US.

We offer a 30-day guarantee on all products excluding our customized name shofar that can only be returned or replaced if it arrives damaged.

We have a 1-year warranty on all shofars. 

A Shofar is a wind instrument created by nature and utilized by humanity for over 4000 years. The mysterious sound, and rich history of the Shofar, intrigued and captured people’s hearts throughout the generations. The Shofar Horn was used for various purposes such as spiritual ceremonies, as a music instrument, a war trumpet, for the king’s coronation, for praising God, and mostly to connect to a higher spiritual level and the divine. Nowadays the shofar is used mostly as a tool for spiritual connection and religious ceremonies. 

There are a few different types of horns made from Kudu, Ram, Oryx, and Eland.

The Shofar making craft is conducted under very strict supervision and requirements, the animals are required to be in a good healthy condition for the Shofar to be certified. Behind the Shofar craftsmanship, there is a spiritual belief that by allowing the selected animals to be utilized as shofars and serve a higher purpose of connecting man to holiness, it is also serving the animal itself. They get to serve God, be used in an act of holiness, and their soul is elevated to a higher-level themselves by doing so.

There are different types of polished Shofar finishes. Some are fully polished to a very high gloss. Others are left partially unpolished to display the natural look of the horn.

Shofars can be left natural, or intensely polished to create an impressive sheen. You can also buy half-and-half shofars, where the bottom half is polished, and the top has been left natural.

The length of a shofar is not measured from end-to-end. Instead, it’s taken around the curve or curves of the horn.

If you are a beginner in blowing the Shofar, we suggest getting a 35″-39″ Shofar since it’s the easiest to blow even though there are smaller and more affordable Shofars. The 35″-39″ is ideal for beginners.

Lucky for you, when you purchase ANY Shofar from our store, you receive a complimentary guide that outlines how to blow the Shofar step by step with clear instructions!