Everything is authentically made and follows kosher guidelines. Crafted and assembled in Israel, we ship all our products anywhere in the world, serving the global Jewish community. Check out our site to see all that Jewish. The shop can offer you and your journey of faith!

Embracing Judaica As A Perfect Gift For Your Loved Ones 

Judaica is strongly gaining ground in the world of religious symbolic gifts. People seek ways to connect themselves to the world of Judaica, and one way to do is to have Judaica products around them. Whether it’s in your office or at home, you may find these products inspiring. If you are like many other people wishing to connect to Jewish life’s heritage, you may want to visit an online Judaica store. As Judaism sees immense global growth in popularity, many would want to learn more about the religion. Many people are deciding to practice Judaism with the symbolic aid of Synagogue Items. Many items have a deep connection with the religion, including Judaica Tallit, a prayer shawl worn by Jewish men when paying. You can buy Judaica as an ideal gift for your loved ones. You will find something suitable for a loved one, from Judaica themed anointing oil to jewelry to shofars.

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HalleluYAH has its own shofar factory, ensuring quality control and competitive pricing for top-Shofar products

  • 925 Silver kudu Shofar – Lion of Judah Decoration

  • Ram Shofar with Carrying Bag, Clean Brush & Praying Booklet

  • Fully Polished Kudu Shofar Plus Ram Horn, Carry Bag, Guide & Brush

  • Half Polished Kudu Shofar Plus Ram Horn, Guide & Brush (Carry Bag for Size 20″-47″)

  • Wood Stand For Ram Shofar



HalleluYAH Tallit features a unique design with profound significance

  • Jesus Name Tallit – Royal Blue

  • Jesus Name Tallit – Navy Blue

  • Jesus Name Tallit – Purple

  • Lord’s Name Tallit – Royal Blue

  • Lord’s Name Tallit – Purple

  • Lord’s Name Tallit – Light Blue


Anointing Oil

HalleluYAH Anointing Oil is made using the biblical formula.

  • Rose of Sharon | Myrrh & Frankincense | Spikenard Anointing Oil from Israel

  • Elijah the prophet | Jonah the prophet | Ester Queen Anointing Oil from Israel

    $20.99 $25.99
  • Pomegranate | Cinnamon | Cedar of Lebanon Anointing Oil from Israel

    $20.99 $25.99